My mission is to help you lift your vibration so you can live from a place of love, be in alignment with your higher self and reach your full potential,as well as lifting the vibration of the collective with the help of other light workers.

Hi I’m Stara-Fay

Founder of lemuria sounds, sound healer, energy worker and guide.

My interest in spirituality began early and by the age of 18 I was practicing meditation, working with manifestation and rituals, reading tarot and shared energy healing which came naturally to me long before I was attuned to reiki.

I have always been very sensitive, empathetic and connected to mother earth with a dedication to help people and knew I had a calling…

My passion for travel and my heart led me to many beautiful places around the world and in 1999 I was blessed with being attuned to Reiki from a group of 12 reiki masters during a ceremony at a rainbow gathering in Hungary. Afterwards I expanded my certified reiki training in the usui lineage. Later on I experienced my first sound bath and as soon I heard the beautiful, mystical tones of the crystal singing bowls they touched my soul and tiers rushed into my eyes… I knew I wanted to work with the alchemising power of healing sounds.

I studied with the sound healing academy where I specialised in crystal singing bowls and grew more and more fascinated by the alchemy of sound and vibration.

With my deep love for mother earth I feel complete, connected and recharged when I’m in nature, swim in rivers and oceans, walk bare feet and stargaze at night. Having adventures and quality time with my family is one of my favorite things. I am forever learning and evolving on my journey on this beautiful planet.