Sound Healing

(Session is 1 hour including consultation and aftercare)

  • 1 to 1 £ 45.
  • Couples £ 75.
  • Group of 3 £ 90.
  • In my 1 to 1 vibrational therapy treatments I can work with you on a deeper level to release blocked emotions, clear stagnant energy and past trauma and work on other concerns you may have.

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Energy Healing/Reiki

(Session is 1 hour including consultation and aftercare)

  • 1 Hour £ 40.
  • My energy healing is a combination of intuitive channelling and Reiki.
  • It cleanses and balances, shifts stagnant energy, unblocks chakras and soothes body, mind and spirit.

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Each session is bespoke and tailored to your intention and can be carried out on a futon, massage table or in a seated position if preferred.

Sound Baths

My group Sound Baths are an opportunity for deep relaxation, letting go, allowing a journey into self awareness, transformation and moving deeper into the heart space. Just lay down and let the soothing sounds and vibrations of the crystal singing bowls wash over your whole being.


Most frequently asked questions

Is Sound Healing suitable for everyone?

Everyone can enjoy the benefits of Sound Healing, except people with epilepsy and pace maker (please let me know if you are pregnant so we can find the best session for your needs)

What shall I wear?

You can wear anything you like-from a dress to jogger bottoms-just be sure to be comfortable and warm, layers are best and warm socks if you easily get cold feet

What can I expect from a sound bath?

No experience needed-just come with an open mind and an open heart-let the sounds and vibrations lead you into a deep relaxed state of being, a journey to awaken your soul…